The Juji Surfer, Korea

No one knows what kind of animal Juji is. Certainly, it is an imaginary animal. In the beginning of the play, a pair of Jujis come and tumble around the ground together. It is an act of asking abundance and fertility. Although it still serves a purpose of defeating evil sprits as well as the [...]

The Bangsansi Surfer, Korea

Bangasnsi had been used since Goryeo dynasty, about 920 AD. It was performed 4 times a year in the royal palace as a cleaning ritual. And sometimes at funerals. Traditionally made with pinewood though, the noble made with paper and the public with straw. It is one of the BIGGEST and HEAVIEST mask! After the [...]

The Three Noble Brothers (Yangban Samhyungje) Surfer, Korea

This brothers are noble by ‘blood’ but aren’t noble by heart. They have lumps and the last one has twisted face. And a funny thing is that the last brother is a eunuch, that he asks ‘Maltugi’, the servant to lay with his wife!     Seoul, Korea, 2018

The Cheoyong Surfer, Korea

Cheoyong dance is one of the oldest dance held in the royal palace. (It was performed since Silla dynasty. Silla was founded in 57 B.C.) Its colourful costume symbolises five directions, blue-east, red-west, yellow-centre, white-south, black-north. The Cheoyong dance was performed to keep the bad spirits out and to wish for the good of the [...]

The Bibi Surfer, Korea

Bibi is also known as Yongno. It is an imaginary creature that devours everything. In the play, he says that he’s been counting…..he chuckles with full of excitement. Then He goes, He already ate 99 of the rich, and the man in front of him will be number 100.     Seoul, Korea, 2018

The Granny (Halmi) Surfer, Korea

She shows both strength and weakness of women in the old time. She goes on looking for Her husband, Youngam, who left home. And she found him with a mistress after all she has been through. At the end of the story she is beaten to death by the mistress.     Seoul, Korea, 2018

The Lion(Saja) Surfer, Korea

The lion dance performed to defeat evils in the first full-moon night of the year. The Lion is invited to houses. He dances around the courtyard acting as if he is catching and eating something. This act is meant to eliminate the old and stale energies and evils. And it also keeps ghosts and spirits [...]

The Bachelor(Dolyung) Surfer, Korea

He boasts his wealth and small knowledge, so he is also satirised by the public along with the Nobleman(Yangban).His pale skin shows that he is weak. And Twisted eyes, nose and mouth imply his impatience and lack of flexibility.   Seoul, Korea, 2018

The Mistress(Bune) Surfer, Korea

In search of her target to seduce! She plays shy but she is, in fact, the femme fatale of the play. She is an affectionate character, but she seduces. She seduces not just all the rich men in the town, but even MONKS with her beautiful smile. Egg shaped face, half-moon like eyebrows, small but [...]

The Drunk Monk(Mokjung) Surfer, Korea

The least monk looking mask, indeed. He falls into a trick of the drunk monk and for some time he plays wild in mundane world with common people. Later he repents and goes back to his temple, back to practice. Seoul, Korea, 2018