Day 5 ; Drawing for animal epoch

Day 5, our last day of workshop. Since there was few suggestions from colleagues that they would like to practice animals, we were there to draw animal of our choice! First of all, one of our dear colleague wanted to share her drawing practice from last week. So we were told about the story and [...]

Day 4 ; Image for lower graders

4th day of the workshop. What is Abstract? In my opinion you can make an abstract image ONLY when you genuinely know well about the original picture. If you don’t know it by heart and you draw- that is just an image that you don’t know. Abstract in drawing would be 'simplifying an image by [...]

Day 3; Layers

3rd day of the workshop.. Layers is the one of the important elements that makes a picture very rich. Because in the picture, many things can be express by depth and distance of the image. So here we come, to practice how we will make a expressive picture with layers. However, an important thing. Perspective [...]

Day 2 ; Colour study

2nd day of the practice. Today we worked with colours.  The homework was to think what kind of colours I am consisted of. However we started to work without those colours we have thought about. We explored with colours that does not exist in our mind by layering and mixing different colours. An important thing to [...]