Day 5 ; Drawing for animal epoch

Day 5, our last day of workshop.

Since there was few suggestions from colleagues that they would like to practice animals, we were there to draw animal of our choice!

First of all, one of our dear colleague wanted to share her drawing practice from last week. So we were told about the story and gave her some feedbacks from last week.


Luckily, we are only 4 people that we can directly draw on the board, not on paper!! We were so happy to have big space for each of us.

Before we started to draw,

all of us have to know

‘What is the most characteristic feature of the animal?’.

We already have experience from the last practice how to make an abstract image. You have to fully aware about what you are drawing it beforehand.


There was few questions,

-How would you work with children? Would you like them to follow and copy you as you draw or what?

-What makes an animal – the animal in drawing?


Advice and result after discussion for the questions,

– It is again totally depends on teacher’s preference. In my case, I would like to share different poses of animal, so I might draw a couple of example ready on the board. However I will also draw with the pupils, so that they can see how whole drawing comes about and finishes.

-If one is to draw realistic picture, first of all proportion is important. How big is his head compare to body and so on. If one can not see the clear proportion, can also work with frame. By simply dividing the picture with few horizontal and vertical lines help to copy the picture in bigger scale on the board.

For example,

Do not forget to remind yourself that

we work bigger picture first then, into smaller details.

Sometimes, it happens. If you are too focus on one thing, you forget the others. Start from big picture and step by step go in detail. One can start from finding the silhouette, then posture, then shape and small parts, then even smaller elements!

Other then that I would suggest to focus on the feature of the animal in detail. A colleague came and asked, What is missing from the picture of lion, how can he improve it. Then I said that is true that lion does have lots of hair though, I do not remember he has very straight hair.

For the details, you need close observation. For example, before draw a tiger, we will need to take some time to have a close look how are the patterns of tiger drawn on his body…



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