Day 3; Layers

3rd day of the workshop..

Layers is the one of the important elements that makes a picture very rich. Because in the picture, many things can be express by depth and distance of the image. So here we come, to practice how we will make a expressive picture with layers.

However, an important thing. Perspective image is only introduced after 5th class, so you will make drawing with layers only after 5th class.

First, last week I asked colleagues to bring pictures they want to work on. then, we divided the picture in 3 layers. ; front-middle-back

And made a quick sketch of important object and elements.

Based on the sketch you made, draw on the blackboard.

The reason we did not draw on the black paper is that on the blackboard much easier to control pressure of chalk.

By differentiating pressure while drawing can easily make depth in picture. 

There some questions arose from discussion,

  1. Why my picture looks flat?
  2. How can I make it more perspective?
  3. Where is the light coming?


Solution for the questions.

  • Drawing with only with one kind stroke(light or strong)can make picture very flat and simple without depth. You have to differentiate your strength in drawing depends on how close the objects are. For instance, for those in front layer draw nice and clear with much strength and the ones that far back not too heavy.
  • If your are still not satisfied after differentiating pressure of drawing, you can add object that can trick the eyes. Such as a pathway, a road and something connects the layers together.
  • It is important to know WHERE THE LIGHT COMES in the picture that you are working on. Because it can help you much to make depth by giving contrast between the front layer and the back layer. For example, if the light is coming from the back. Your last layer would be brightest and the first layer would be the darkest.  



At the end of session, there was one thing arose in mind.  ‘How can we get nice and clean picture?’ This would be our next goal!

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