Day 2 ; Colour study

2nd day of the practice. Today we worked with colours.  The homework was to think what kind of colours I am consisted of. However we started to work without those colours we have thought about. We explored with colours that does not exist in our mind by layering and mixing different colours.

An important thing to keep that in mind is,


We do not need any form either figure. Let your mind free and be creative how will you make the colour that you don’t have in your world! We purely want to play with limited colours of chalks to make certain colours. Let us be creative.

Before we start..

A question raised, ‘What if I do not have just one colour?’.

Are you sure about this? In my personal opinion unless you are artificially made, such as robot, you cannot be! Likewise you personality cannot be just one temperament, you can not miss just one colour. We are all amalgamation of colours, but in such balance! Imagine what if they are unbalanced.

Here is our work on the paper..  

Not me 1 Not me 2

Many of us struggle to find THE COLOUR. The problem was we are not sure about those colour that we do not have! What is it? Why is it difficult?

Then we started one more exercise with the homework!  The colour of your world.

Yes, I am 1 Yes, I am 2

In discussion, we came up with some questions

  • How can I mix colours! Accidentally, some of us found the colours that we meant in previous drawing.
  • How do we make black?
  • How do we make shadow on colours?
  • On the board, can not mix colours so well!
*advice for the questions.
  1. When we want to make colour by layering, put darker colour first and on the top put lighter colour. If it comes the other way around, the darker one would cover the light one over.
  2. Do not forget we are working on BLACK SURFACE.
  3. To give shadow on colours, depends on colour that you chose to draw though try to use the colours of neighbor in the colour wheel. * will discuss more about it on 4th workshop.
  4. Extra strength needed on the blackboard than the paper!

I have this theme ‘ the colours of my world’. Because few weeks ago, I had been questioned and could not answer. I have spent a lot of times in my life thinking about what kind of colour I am, not what colour I am not. However I thought this can give little recognition to hidden corner of our mind.

We do not need to pretend to be someone who we are not. But we can always have a thought about the lacking qualities and make balance with what you already have.

Next workshop will be practice with objects..

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