Day 1 ; Material, Technique Study

1st day of the workshop. Our aim is that to explore how many different ways we can work with chalk. So here we are, we have black paper, blackboard and white chalk to work with.

We start with black paper to grasp an idea how are we going to work on black surface. We all probably know either have been used to write and draw on white surface. However, this is black! We need to find out what quality this gives in drawing.

Here we start with natural elements and its texture on the black paper.  Through Water, earth, fire and wood find different textures and surfaces. Think about what you have seen in your life especially in the nature.

For instance,

Water could be river, pond, waterfall, wave, ice, snow… 

Earth could be pointy rock, stone, rocky mountain, dry earth, sand.. 

Fire could be a small match, big roaring fire..

Wood could be tree bark, branch, wood chunk and so on..

Can we imagine that we are magnifying this examples and look how does the surface look like? Can we draw that?

What we worked on paper is here…

Day1_paper1 Day1_paper2

,then came to the blackboard and try two different material.

Texture practice 3 Texture practice 2 Texture practice 1

Later on we discussed how and what is different between the paper and the board .

-Very light and easy to draw on blackboard.

-You can rub it on paper, but on blackboard hard to get the same effect.

-Easy to see different pressure of chalk stroke on the board.

-Important to have a look from the distance.

*Important points from the discussion
  1. Base color to find place and shape of object. 2nd, 3rd layers to find details
  2. Work within 3-4 layers. After that difficult put more details on. It might gets unnecessarily smudge with lumps of chalk powder.
  3. Remind yourself we are always looking for where the light comes and we are drawing light part.; Because the background is dark which is already giving you the shadow.
  4. In the beginning, Try to work with wide part of chalk rather than pointy part. Remember ‘There is no out-line in the world’

Homework for next session ; Ask yourself or think before you go to sleep…Which colours my inner world consists of? What colours am I?

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